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Engines Using SmartPlugs:     Main      4-Stroke      2-Stroke    Rotary    Diesel

Engines SmartPlugs Run

Applications of SmartPlug Ignition Systems

The following are types of engines
that SmartPlugs has demonstrated to run:

(NOTE: SmartPlugs are not limited to these engines only!)

* Four Stroke SmartPlugs Running 4-Stroke Engines
* Two Stroke SmartPlugs Running 2-Stroke Engines
* Rotary  SmartPlugs Running Rotary Engines
* Diesel SmartPlugs Running Diesel Engines
* Aviation  SmartPlugs Running Rotary Engines

V-8 Engine Animation

Carbureted and/or Fuel Injection
* Naturally Aspirated
* Artificially Aspirated:
supercharged, turbo charged

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