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SmartPlugs and Lean-burn
SmartPlugs have been proven to go beyond the lean-burn limit of a standard spark ignition. Lean-burn is the ability to ignite air and fuel mixtures that contain higher amounts of air than normally used.

Lean-burning in piston engines affords a means of achieving important environmental and fuel economy objectives.  When applied to lean-burn, the SmartPlug is able to overcome difficulties normally encountered by conventional spark ignition systems. These include increased power output, lower fuel consumption, extended lean-burn limits, reduced emissions, and simplified timing control. The primary drawbacks of lean burn engines are de-rated power output per unit displacement and incompatibility with oxidation/reduction catalysts used in conventional exhaust clean-up systems.

Over the last two years successful attempts have been made to combine SmartPlug design with aqueous fuel technology to capture many of the benefits of lean-burning without sacrificing power output. The aqueous fuel is a mixture of water and ethanol called Aquanol. Information About Aquanol  The fuel is produced by Simplot Corporation in Caldwell, Idaho. Previous screening tests with portable electric generators, lawnmowers, rotary engines, and even diesel engines have indicated dramatic reductions in NOx and hydrocarbon emissions. Increases in thermal efficiency have also been noted. These improvements are sorely needed in small engine technology. All this without sacrificing power.

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